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ALERT!!! Read this before you select any Digital Marketing Institute!

In recent times, especially after the pandemic revolution happening everywhere, we hear “Digital marketing is booming” “it gonna become the future” “325$ billion-dollar industry” “Digital-currency” “Digital India” everything digital, digital. I’m very excited to tell you, “yes” it’s true. Digital marketing is booming and gonna be the future. I too want a promising career but without learning any coding and I’m sure there are lots of people looking to change to a promising career. But, the biggest problem we have is, where to start? and how to start? whether to learn on your own? or find a mentor/institutes? whether to choose institutes that charge a minimum amount from 15k-30k? or to choose institutes that looks good, has good reviews, charges 50k-lakhs? whether to opt for online or offline class? whether to believe these reviews or not?. We all have these questions and more running into our mind even before stepping into 1st step. Yes, I agree. It’s our hard-earned money, it’s our parent’s hard-earned money. It’s better to take time and chose wisely. I’m not an expert to give you a perfect suggestion, as human beings, helping each other makes a better society and it will create awareness among everyone.

In my experience, I have enquired for the course in many institutions and paid to learn digital marketing and by seeing the advertisements on social media, I paid for many workshops to get some insights. Then, I started to buy online courses, bought some courses which give more discount than the actual price, the expiry time will be running below, we will get back to back email alerts. We get anxious that we are gonna miss some great opportunity. I will check my bank balance, it tells me not to buy the course, but suddenly I will take the hard decision and I will make the transaction. I get the course access into my mail. That’s it. My mind tells me I got the course, let’s do it in our free time. Then, one fine day I open the mail and open the course link, after completing the introduction part, from lesson 3 we will get all the doubts, no one will be there to help us, we email the support team and they reply after 2 days. Tried everything, I gained only 0/100. 

According to a recent survey, 10 lakhs students are learning digital marketing and graduating from institutions or college every year. This shows the future and scope of digital marketing but at the same time, it’s quite surprising whether all are getting jobs or getting free-lancing projects or starting their agency. The answer would be NO. Then, why these institutions are promising 100% placement, guaranteed internship, think about it. Creating a brand and marketing costs huge, these institutions may have great client, good on-going projects, future signed projects. But still, are creating a brand for themselves by getting money from the people, giving fake promises, reviews, etc… There are lots of institutions in Chennai that teach Digital marketing and they charge more from the students and promise them that they will give Practical hands-on training, 100% placement assistance. Few institutions charge more than the value they promised to provide. for example, the institutes which charge 60k or more than that, are mainly concerned about the ambience and fun activities they do on the training which makes it interactive, fun-filled but the value we get in that 2 hours of training is none. The values or information which they give in between the fun activities “so-called practical training” are available on youtube itself. Because of marketing and branding, they get clients and they enrol for the training.

I understood, Digital Marketing is something that cannot be taught by everyone. We need to find practitioners, not trainers, we need to find a classroom, not a playroom that has all the sticky fancy words. We need practical training where we should work on our blogs, bring traffic to our websites, write content to our website, do SEO in our website so that our’s will rank on google page, not working on institutes projects. Mainly, unsubscribe from the junk emails you get regarding online money making, affiliate marketing, digital marketing from an unknown source. It’s fine to take time to search for good institutes, good mentors and even good online course, Internship program. Take your time, because it’s our hard-earned money.   

Once you feel, you found the right person or institute or internship program, ask few questions, asking a question is doesn’t mean that we are doubting them, it is just to reconfirm that we made the right decision and found the right person. If I were in your position, I will ask the following questions,

  1. I’m a beginner, will you teach me from the scratch
  2. Can you arrange a demo class?
  3. Are you a working professional? (Working professional will have practical knowledge).
  4. Will I get one to one coaching?(mostly it will be in batches, but let’s try)
  5. Will I get lifetime access to the course? ( If you are opting for online training or offline training, few will give access for a lifetime and few will give access for a limited period)
  6. Will I get lifetime placement support? (Few will help and few don’t)
  7. Is there any hidden charge apart from the fee? ( some will include domain and hosting charge in the overall fee and some will ask us to spend separately)
  8. If I have any doubt, to whom I should reach?(If it’s an offline class then also you ask, nothing wrong. or if it’s an online class make sure you ask, nothing is a silly question)
  9. What are all the companies you have tie-ups with, and where are the students got placed?
  10. Can I pay the fees in Installments? (Institutes will have an instalment process, some also have EMI options, but I suggest not to pay the whole course fees in the initial stage itself)
  11. Is there any optional subject that I can choose as my area of interest and get trained by the faculty, whether do I have to pay for that separately or it is inclusive of the course fees?
  12. Can I visit your office directly? (Due to COVID, they might prefer online. If they say yes, visit the office directly and make sure you directly talk to the faculty and not to the receptionist)
  13. What is the total course duration? How many hours of practical training?

These are some of the questions which I usually shoot, you may have more questions, please don’t feel shy or hesitate to ask a question. Ask whatever doubts run in your mind related to the course. Nothing wrong with asking and we are gonna spend our hard-earned money. While you pay the fees, you should be happy and you should have the confidence that you will succeed.  

I know this article might not be given you all the answers. But, I hope this article may be useful to some extent. We all would have faced many problems in our life and still, there are lots of problems that have to be taken care of. Let us all get united and help each other at least to solve some problems to some extent. Let us all follow the rules and safety measures provided by the government and we all will take care of our family, loved ones and especially take care of grandparents(they are precious). Everything will be fine soon, let’s smile.

I will see you in another article. Simple, please.

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