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Pursue your dreams – No matter what happens

As many successful people say, follow your dreams, follow your passion, etc. Like few, I too want to follow my dreams and passion.

My dream is to become a successful digital marketer and I want to start my digital marketing agency, become a freelancer, work in my comfort. Now, I’m 27, just started to chase my dreams.

Coming from a family of middle-class farmers. I’m completely reliant on my monthly salary, which is far lower than my monthly obligations. There was no sufficient direction or guidance in life to help to choose a suitable career. Travelled 700kms, came to Chennai from my village in search of work with many aspirations and dreams.

Looking at the large glass towers, I had the same notion as many others: if we get into the building with a job, our lives will be settled.

I obtained a job and began my career as a customer service representative, then progressed to technical assistance, and then to IT sales. I learned that not every glass skyscraper houses an IT firm.

I’m still looking for a job in digital marketing. Many people, including neighbours, advised that switching careers at the age of 27 after working as an IT salesman didn’t appear to be a smart idea. Also, most individuals have settled into their lives at your age, but you are still looking for work.

If you work for the job you enjoy the most, you will be wealthy”  
Robert Kiyosaki.
Certainly, I believe those words.

My ambition is to acquire a promising position. I was eager to understand digital marketing, and I’m still working on it.

I was so enthusiastic about digital marketing that I’m still seeking an opportunity. But I’m hesitant to pay for digital marketing schools since I’m always unsure if I’ll be able to grasp the ideas, and what if I don’t obtain a job after spending the money?

However, when it comes to digital marketing, I take a chance without knowing what I’m doing. I badly wanted to study digital marketing but couldn’t afford to pay for classes. I set aside a small bit of money each month from my income to pay for digital marketing colleges and eventually enrolled in a course.

After finishing my course, I began looking for a career in digital marketing and attended interviews, but I was not hired by any firm. The recruiters were searching for someone with experience in the field of digital marketing. I even informed the recruiters that I’m ready to start as a fresher and that I’m looking for a place to learn and grow in my field. However, they turned down the offer.
I requested the recruiters why I wasn’t chosen since I was anxious to find out why. Recruiters said that I lacked relevant expertise, and when I told them about my family, they concluded that I would not be able to thrive at the firm, since my family relied on me, so I would ask for higher pay.

The terrible aspect is that I’m now earning a decent salary per month, yet I’m asking recruiters to pay me less than that. Recruiters, on the other hand, remain sceptical. Yes! I have obligations, financial troubles, and costs, but none of these issues will last if I get a solid career, which I would like to accomplish.

I enjoy working in the field of digital marketing. However, I am not an expert. However, I learned about a few digital marketing sectors on my own by watching YouTube tutorials.

One of the most significant impediments to individuals pursuing their ambitions is their perception that it would not work. They’ve already decided that the chances are so stacked against them that they’d be better off not even trying.

The odds are so stacked against you that you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning on a clear day. But, notwithstanding the hyperboles, the basic question remains. When the odds are stacked against you, why would you follow your dream?

Well, there are two excellent responses to that question:

>You may not have realised your ambitions, but you gave it your all, which is more than most people can claim.
>The journey is more important than the destination in life.

stay safe with your loved ones and follow all the safety measures and especially take care of the old parents, grandparents

I will see you in my next article. smile, please.

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