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Learn Digital Marketing from YouTube?

As a beginner, I started searching about digital marketing and I found lots of tutorials available on youTube. There are videos from 1 hour to 11 hours that teaches digital marketing. Precise, those videos teaches what many institutions teach as they call themselves a great institute. These YouTube videos give us a piece of great knowledge about Digital marketing. In spite, people prefer to walk into the institutions and get enrolled for the course without proper information and lack of guidance. Being this as a practice, institutions are charging more to teach that already exists on YouTube. 

From my perspective, I have gone through some videos on YouTube which gives an in-depth beginner guide. I strongly recommend those who look for digital marketing have some knowledge about the syllabus, basic information, and modules before paying money to the institutions.


It is one of the best channels which provides in-depth knowledge about digital marketing. It’s a beginners guide that teaches all the concepts in digital marketing.

I recommend subscribing to this channel to get more information about digital marketing. It has a different part on digital marketing

Click here to subscribe. It has different courses and it will give the best knowledge on the area you are interested in.

Simplilearn has a wide range of videos that provides detailed study about various subjects.

For digital marketing, Please click here to watch 11 hours digital marketing course by Simplilearn. Here, it penetrates deeper into each topic.

Simplilearn also provides an online session, where we can enrol for 3 months digital marketing course which is taught by industry experts. Provided, with the placement assistance and live Q & A sessions.

You also visit –  SEO class for beginners


A leading techno teaching channel that provides knowledge on various topics. If you are interested in digital marketing then it best suits your expectations. If you are a beginner, it gives you clarity on each module in the syllabus.

Like Simplilearn, Intellipaat also provides 3 months digital marketing course in collaboration with the Jain school of management taught by industry experts. 

I also recommend subscribing to their channel for getting more updates about the course. Click here to subscribe

Click here to watch 9 hours of intensive digital marketing training. It teaches everything from basic to advanced.

Also, visit – Digital marketing training session-Part 1.

                    Digital marketing training session-Part 2

How to earn money online from digital marketing -> Click here to watch

There are multiple videos related to digital marketing and much more courses available on their channel. I request you to subscribe to their youtube channel.


Experience the new e-learning platform with Edureka, one of the best sources to learn digital marketing for free. Extending its wings at various technology verticals, Edureka provides the best quality to enhance your knowledge and leverage it.  

Edureka provides a power-packed 7 hours of digital marketing training where you could be able to understand the concept in-depth.

Click here to watch the training. 

I request you to follow the channel and gain knowledge on the area you are interested in. Click here to subscribe.

Hope this might have helped you get a clear picture to start learning digital marketing unless you want for the right time, wasting your time searching for the best digital marketing institutes.

*stay safe with your loved ones and follow all the safety measures and especially take care of the old parents, grandparents*

I will see you in my next article. smile, please.

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