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Don’t fall into the money trap!

Is business development/sales, also a part of Digital marketing? How did I fall into sales?

Many individuals, including myself, are unsure if sales fall within the category of digital marketing or are distinct from it. However, it is understandable to some level if we operate a business and need to sell our product or service, whether through direct sales or digital means.

Sales are not a component of marketing; they are a separate department. The term “sales” refers to the act of selling products or services in exchange for money. Selling, promoting, and distributing a product or service are all aspects of marketing.

I was enthusiastic about digital marketing and attended training and workshops, but I eventually slid into sales, which I despise. Sales aren’t exactly what I’m searching for. I applied for a digital marketing position on a job platform since I was anxious to get my career started. 

Then I started getting phone calls from organisations looking for salespeople, inside salespeople, business development executives, field salespeople, product salespeople, customer success specialists, and so on. However, there was not a single request for digital marketing. 

After a lengthy wait, I finally gave an interview for a business development position a shot and was hired. I didn’t want to work for the firm even back then. HR phoned me and said he would offer me a 35,000 rupees salary. This was a significant raise for me, considering my pay at the time was only 12,000. Wow, I thought, going from 12k to 35k is a huge jump. As a result, I decided to join the firm.

The training time went well as usual; I learned about technologies, which gave me optimism that I would be working with technologies and digital items in the future. But there was a twist coming. They provided me with an Avaya connection and a sales script and told me to reach out to 150 stakeholders, pitch for a sale using the script, send out 100 emails, and send a LinkedIn connection request. Once the prospect connects, I’m supposed to follow up. These all are my daily routine. I’ll connect with 50 stakeholders out of 150, 50 of whom will receive voice mail, and 50 of whom will not.

I decided to leave my work and pursue a career in digital marketing, which is my passion. But, at the end of the day, money is everything. I began to earn well, was pleased with my income, and gradually forgot all I had learned in digital marketing. I was in a comfortable position, and for financial reasons, I stopped looking for a digital marketing job.

Suddenly, the globe was engulfed in a pandemic, causing everyone’s lifestyle to alter. Many people have lost their jobs. I didn’t lose my job, but I’m in danger of losing it every day. I might be asked to quit the firm at any time if I didn’t set up any meetings or didn’t meet the objective. I despise working in this atmosphere since I don’t know what I’ll do if the prospects don’t return my call. I decided to work on my passion and learn about the techniques incorporated with it. 

Don’t get caught up in the money trap; instead, pursue your passion. Go for it if you’re enthusiastic about sales. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, give it your all and never allow money to get in the way.

stay safe with your loved ones and follow all the safety measures and especially take care of the old parents, grandparents

I will see you in my next article. smile, please.

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